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Top Eyewear Trends of 2024

Some styles come and go, but when it is time to get a new pair of glasses, you should choose a pair that you love, and that suits your tastes. As the leading eye specialists in Tampa, the team at Florida Eye Center stays on top of the latest eyewear trends so that we can keep you in style. 

Minimalist Transparent Frames

Minimalism continues to take the lead in 2024 with transparent frames. The trend of transparent frames is gaining traction for its simple yet sophisticated appeal. These frames seamlessly blend into any style, offering a contemporary look without unnecessary frills. 

Oval Glasses

Oval glasses are timeless – and are making a comeback. These glasses are elegant and complement many different personal staples. Whether you opt for a slender metal frame for a refined appeal or a chunky acetate structure for a bolder statement, the versatility of oval glasses ensures a look that is both classic and contemporary.

1970’s Inspired Frames

After visiting your Tampa optometrist at Florida Eye Center, you can step back in time with glasses inspired by the iconic silhouettes of the 1970s. This trend combines the disco era with a contemporary edge. Wire frames and oversized silhouettes are bold and stylish, perfect for those who want to bring a nostalgic flair to their style. 

Red Frames

For those who crave a touch of drama in their eyewear choices, adding a pop of color to your eyewear collection with bold red frames will be a popular trend in 2024. Whether deep burgundy or vibrant cherry red, this color trend is all about making a statement. They add a touch of confidence and playfulness to any look and are sure to draw compliments.

Bold Thick Glasses

This year, thicker frames are reclaiming the attention of kids and adults alike. From square to round shapes, bold thick glasses provide diverse options for expressing their personal style.

Find Your Perfect Pair at Florida Eye Center

2024 is a year of diversity and style in eyewear. Whether you prefer the subtlety of transparent frames, the elegance of oval glasses, the retro style of the ’70s, the boldness of red frames, or the confidence of thick glasses, there’s a trend for every taste and preference. 

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