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What Are Scleral Contact Lenses? Find Comfort for Your Dry Eye Symptoms

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At Florida Eye Center, our team is committed to providing patients with comfort and relief from ocular discomfort. Dr. Chelsey Shepos, O.D., is a board-certified optometrist who specializes in dry eye disease. She is trained in fitting scleral contact lenses in Tampa, specialty lenses meant to help manage dry eye symptoms.

What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses are large, gas-permeable lenses that cover the cornea and rest on the sclera, the white part of the eye. Unlike traditional contact lenses, which sit directly on the cornea, scleral lenses create a tear and saline-filled reservoir between the lens and the cornea. This reservoir acts as a protective barrier that continually provides moisture to the ocular surface.

These lenses are one-of-a-kind and custom-designed to ensure a perfect fit for each patient’s eye shape. Due to their larger size and rigid material, scleral lenses maintain their shape on the eye, offering stable vision correction and more comfort as a means of dry eye treatment in Tampa.

How Can Scleral Lenses Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eyes are unable to produce an adequate amount of tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. This condition can result in discomfort, redness, irritation, and even vision disturbances. Scleral contact lenses offer significant relief for individuals suffering from dry eyes through several mechanisms, including:

Moisture Retention

The tear-filled reservoir between the lens and the cornea keeps the ocular surface consistently moist, reducing dryness and irritation.

Protection from Environmental Factors

Scleral lenses shield the cornea from environmental elements such as dust, pollen, and wind, which can further exacerbate dry eye symptoms.

Promotion of the Healing Process

By providing a barrier against the eyelid, scleral lenses promote the internal healing of damaged corneal tissues that are often associated with severe dry eye conditions.

Enhanced Comfort

The rigid nature of scleral lenses ensures that they maintain their shape, minimizing friction and discomfort during blinking and eye movements.

Who Can Benefit From Scleral Lenses?

Scleral contact lenses in Tampa offer a viable solution for individuals with various eye conditions and specific visual needs, including but not limited to:

Severe Dry Eye Syndrome

Patients who experience persistent dryness, inflammation, and discomfort may find relief with scleral lenses.


Scleral lenses provide stable and comfortable vision correction for individuals with irregular corneal shape caused by keratoconus, a progressive eye condition.

Do Not Live in Discomfort Due To Dry Eye. Find the Right Treatment Plan for You at Florida Eye Center Today.

If you are struggling with dry eye or other eye problems, scleral contact lenses might be worth considering. To learn more about whether scleral contact lenses may be an ideal choice for your dry eye treatment in Tampa, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shepos, O.D. today.

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