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Contact Lenses

At Florida Eye Center and Center Optical, we offer contact lens fitting for all types of lenses, including, soft disposable, gas-permeable, multifocal, and colored lenses. In addition to the initial appointment with the physician there may be follow-up contact lens appointments needed for evaluation, fine tuning, and finalizing of your contact lens prescription. Fitting fees start at $50.00 and are determined by your specific visual needs. 


The first things people notice are your eyes. And your eyewear relays your style and personality. So if your eyewear tells a story, what will your story be? Make an impression with your style. Because glasses play such an important role in defining your individual style, it’s important the glasses you choose will compliment your facial characteristics, lifestyle and, of course, look great.  So while choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.  Let our trained professionals guide you towards the perfect pair of glasses for your personality and lifestyle. 


Compliment your active lifestyle with a quality pair of sunglasses. We offer the latest technology available in polarized lenses and options to provide the best vision and sun protection possible. Whether its fashion or function  our staff will assist you in finding the perfect pair.

Computer Eyeglasses

Computer glasses put the optimum lens for viewing your work area and computer monitor without excessive effort or head movements. Coupled with state of the art anti-reflective coatings and blue light filters, these lenses greatly reduce eye strain while significantly increasing your productivity and comfort.

Sports Eyewear

Whether you need prescription sports glasses to increase your vision to 20/20 or simply need the extra protection during physical activity, we offer a wide variety of glasses and goggles with protective lenses to help you maximize performance and providing the safest lenses possible.

Vision Plans

We accept the following vision plans, VSP and EYE Med.


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