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The Importance of Regular Eye Exams: Why You Should Visit an Eye Doctor

Sight is one of the most crucial senses humans have and is often taken for granted. Almost all ophthalmologists recommend yearly eye exams to maintain proper eye health and ensure that your vision is functioning properly. During these examinations, ophthalmologists will perform a handful of exams to determine what, if any, eye disorder is affecting your sight. 

Florida Eye Center, the top optical expert in Tampa has a team of trained professionals dedicated to each customer that walks through their door. 


Detecting Early Eye Diseases

One of the top reasons why ophthalmologists recommend yearly eye exams is because it gives customers the opportunity to monitor their vision and maintain their overall eye health. 

1 million Americans in the United States are classified as being legally blind and while some were born that way, the vast majority became blind due to some sort of eye disease. Cataracts and glaucoma are two of the leading causes of blindness, however, if they are detected early enough total blindness can be prevented.

While many eye doctors in Tampa simply pride themselves on helping patients see better, at Florida Eye Center, we differentiate ourselves with a team of highly-trained professionals who can provide our patients with the utmost care as they navigate their eye care journey.  


Updating Your Eyeglasses Prescription

Most people believe that they only need to go to an ophthalmologist when their current pair of glasses breaks. This is a common misconception; an individual’s eyesight is constantly changing and, as such, many people begin to experience a diminishing of their sight without seeking any medical attention. Glasses help you see better but that does not mean they completely cure your eyes.  

If you are experiencing constraint headaches and eye strain or you notice that people are commenting that you are squinting often then you might need to visit an optical store in Tampa to regularly update your prescription. 


Protecting Your Children's Vision

Often, children may not know how to communicate with adults and they may be having vision problems. This, in turn, could lead to difficulties in school while learning how to write, read, and even perform basic math problems. These activities all require a large amount of focus and vision, which can prove to be challenging for kids experiencing constant vision problems. 

Common signs for parents to be on the lookout for include kids looking at objects closer than normal, experiencing headaches, and possible difficulties in school with completing work.  


Florida Eye Center: The Best Eye Doctor In Tampa

Regular eye exams allow people to continually monitor their vision and, if needed, seek out treatment plans to improve their eyesight.

If it has been a while since your last visit to an eye doctor, or if you are noticing signs that you or someone you care for may be experiencing vision problems, request a consultation today with an ophthalmologist at Florida Eye Center.

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