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Should I Hold Off on Cataract Surgery?

If your vision is becoming blurry and your eyeglass prescription is becoming stronger to compensate, you may be suffering from cataracts. Cataracts develop naturally with age and are the leading cause of blindness in the world. However, impaired vision and blindness don’t occur overnight. Cataracts develop over the course of many years, leading many people to wonder if they should hold off on cataract surgery. 

In this article, we discuss when you should consider cataract surgery. Your vision is perhaps your most valuable attribute, and protecting it should be a top priority. If you’re considering cataract surgery, consult an eye specialist in Tampa who can help determine if it’s right for you. 

Cataracts Do Not Have to Be “Ripe” 

In years past, doctors would recommend that patients allow cataracts to progress so that cloudy eye lenses could be more easily removed during surgery. If the lens had not hardened, eye specialists ran the risk of having a lens break apart before it could be removed. For this reason, people with cataracts would be faced with the difficult choice of allowing their vision to become increasingly impaired or running the risk of potential complications during surgery. Fortunately, you no longer have to wait for cataracts to become “ripe.” 

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Modern Technology and Techniques

With today’s technology, an eye doctor in Tampa can perform cataract surgery using a state-of-the-art technique called phacoemulsification. During this procedure, the eye lens is emulsified (broken down into small fragments) and removed. An artificial lens is then installed, some of which are designed to improve vision at all distances. This is one of the safest and most successful surgical procedures performed today. It’s now actually recommended that you undergo the cataract surgery before the eye lens has hardened. 

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When’s the Right Time for Cataract Surgery? 

The perfect time for cataract surgery is really up to you. There’s no conclusive test for whether or not a person is ready for cataract surgery. The real question is, how much are your cataracts impacting your life? People often elect to undergo surgery once they have difficulty reading, driving, or working. If the world around you is becoming blurry and dull due to cataracts, you can only benefit from consulting an eye doctor in Tampa

To discuss your options, we recommend consulting the team of professionals at Florida Eye Center. Our board-certified ophthalmologists can test your vision and provide an expert opinion on whether or not surgery is right for you. If you’re holding off on cataract surgery, you need not wait any longer. Trust your eye care to the caring team at Florida Eye Center. 

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