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Having Trouble Seeing? Consult an Eye Doctor in Tampa

For many people, the first encounter with an eye doctor is to correct refractive errors during childhood. This is achieved by prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Peering through glasses for the first time and seeing the world explode with vibrant colors and detail is one of the most astonishing moments in a person’s life, so, understandably, it’s disappointing when your vision starts to fade later in life. Normal macular degeneration is to be expected, but if you start to experience severe vision loss, headaches, tunnel vision, eye pain, double vision, or halos around lights, it’s time to pick up a phone and contact an eye doctor in Tampa.

Choosing the Right Eye Care Provider

Choosing the proper eye care provider is the first step to improving your vision. This professional is assigned the all-important task of preserving your vision, and it’s not a job that can be taken lightly. At Florida Eye Center, our experienced ophthalmologists assist patients with routine screenings, first line eye care, and surgical care.

As soon as you notice that something is wrong with your eyes, you want to consult an ophthalmologist for a thorough eye exam. After all, you won’t know which type of treatment is right for you if you don’t get a professional medical diagnosis first. An ophthalmologist can prescribe correctives lenses or contacts to help restore vision. They can also prescribe medication to alleviate other symptoms, such as those stemming from eye disease or injury. If a more severe issue has taken root, your ophthalmologist may explore surgical options to repair your vision problems once conservative measures have failed.

Should I Consult a Pediatric Eye Doctor in Tampa for My Child?

When the time comes to support your child’s eye health, there’s no professional better suited to provide the unique eye care needs required by children than a pediatric eye doctor in Tampa. An ophthalmologist specializing in pediatric eye care can provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Administering Eye Exams
  • Diagnosing Problems
  • Caring for Eye Injuries
  • Prescribing Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses
  • Performing Surgery, Microsurgery, and Laser Surgery

Keep in mind that children can’t always express how they feel or explain what their symptoms are. When asking medical questions, only a pediatric eye doctor in Tampa has the bedside manner necessary to reach kids on a personal level. Forming a connection requires tact, diligence, and specialized training. Once this has been accomplished, children become more relaxed and cooperative, which makes it easier to proceed with treatment. Pediatric ophthalmologists also use tools and technologies geared towards children. All of this leads to better outcomes and happier children.

At Florida Eye Center, we treat patients of all ages for an array of diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eye. Our ultimate goal is to help all of our patients improve their vision with the most advanced treatment modalities available. From the initial consultation to surgery, all the way through post-operative care, our team of eye specialists is ready to provide the compassionate, individualized care you need to see clearly.

To schedule an appointment with an eye doctor in Tampa at Florida Eye Center, please contact us today.

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