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Stages of Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a group of eye problems that develop over time that damage the optic nerve. This nerve connects the eye to the brain and directly impacts how well you can see. Treatment can stop the damage. You can get glaucoma treatment in Tampa from Florida Eye Clinic. Here are the stages of glaucoma treatment.


It is important that you see an eye doctor or an eye specialist in Tampa regularly. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma in the early stages, effective treatment can minimize the damage and preserve your sight.

Your doctor will conduct a series of tests and ask questions about your medical and family history. During the examination, he or she will look into your eyes and check for pressure inside. Glaucoma causes the pressure in your eye to build up, which is what damages the optic nerve.


Medication is the most common way glaucoma treatment is performed. There are several different types of medications that work in different ways to lower pressure in the eyes. You can use eye drops or ointment on a regular basis to control the pressure and protect your vision. The doctor will determine what kind of medication is right for you and your lifestyle.

Laser Surgery

If you have early glaucoma, laser surgery can stop the damage. The laser lowers the pressure in the eye and allows blood to flow freely again. It is very effective at halting the progression of glaucoma. If you are not a candidate for treatment with medication, laser surgery may be the next best option for you.

Incision Surgery

This surgery is the only way to stop glaucoma when it is in later stages. It is also the most invasive form of treatment, so doctors try to save it for last if at all possible. There are several types of incision surgery that are progressively complex and invasive.


In a trabeculectomy, the eye surgeon makes an incision to drain excess eye fluid. Since the pressure in the eye is caused by a high amount of eye fluid filling a small space, this incision lets the extra fluid be forced out. When this happens, the pressure drops back to normal levels.

A trabeculectomy requires hospitalization but is the least invasive surgical option. The doctor will numb the area, but there is no need for an anesthetic to put you to sleep.

Implant Surgery

The implant surgery is similar to the trabeculectomy in that it drains fluid to reduce eye pressure. In this case, the surgeon places a small tube in your eye, which is used to drain the eye fluid. Using a tube ensures that the pathway stays open continuously, whereas an incision will heal quickly.

What Next?

If you are diagnosed with glaucoma or you are having vision issues, see an eye specialist in Tampa as soon as possible. Getting glaucoma treatment in Tampa can prevent further damage and restore some of your vision.

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